Moringa Oleifera and Heart Disease

Are you at risk for heart disease? You might be if you have diabetes or high blood pressure.


Moringa is one of the three premier ingredients in our Heart Defense supplement. The reason this powerhouse was chosen for our supplement is that it meets our three major criterium; Natural, Multi-vitamin, and Strong.

This plant contains a plethora of vitamins that helps support your heart and by extension your body in total wellness. It’s a bigger, better and faster way to get many vitamins and nutrients in one go.  Moringa helps to reduce your risk for getting heart disease by tackling the factors that make you susceptible for developing heart disease.


Diabetes, Hypertension & Cholesterol

Moringa helps support the body’s production of nitric oxide, which aids blood vessel function; this can help prevent diabetic cataract. It contains vitamins that helps the pancreas to secrete insulin and helps treat diabetic neuropathy. The high potassium content lowers sodium levels and decreases blood pressure. Research shows that moringa works in the same way as some statin drugs and could be an effective alternative. It has also been shown to remove plaque in the arteries of rabbits by 86% and improve pumping efficiency of the heart muscle in rats.


Hearth Health: Repair & Wellness Support

Moringa helps to reduce inflammation in artery walls, which, in 2012 was discovered to be a major cause of heart disease. In fact, without inflammation in the body: cholesterol would not be able to accumulate in artery walls and would move freely through the body.