The Benefits of Being Vegan

World Vegan Day

Vegan and vegetarian, what's the difference? Well, veganism is generally recognized as a kind of vegetarian, the difference is due to the 'sub-category' nature of the diet. Vegan itself has its own sub-categories such as persons that are raw vegan and the paleo vegan.

A vegan's diet cuts out everything that isn't a plant or plant based and their lifestyle involves not using anything derived from animal products or that anything was tested on animals. In 1994, the term vegan was coined by Donald Watson. He did this to make a distinct separation from terms like 'non-lacto' and 'non-dairy' where the focus was on what vegans don't eat as opposed to what they do eat, hence the term 'vegan' came about.

Is the vegan lifestyle for me?

If you are anti-animal slaughter and are against the mistreatment of animals then the vegan diet may be for you. Let's take a moment to examine cow milk. Like humans and other mammals, cows only produce milk when they are pregnant in order to feed their calves but to keep the dairy industry at maximum profit, these cows are typically kept pregnant for most months out of every year (around 9 months). This process results in unwanted calves that are slaughtered very young in their lives; either at birth or raised for veal. A cow at 18-20 weeks is prime for slaughter in order to get veal. 

People are motivated to become vegan for many different reasons but not all vegans adhere to the diet as well as the full vegan lifestyle. That is, abstaining from using anything that was tested on animals or made from any animal byproduct.  


Advantages of Being a Vegan

High Levels Nutrients

When you rely on plants and fruit for your entire diet, you consume more foods such as whole grains beans, seeds etc. that would lead to an increase in fiber, antioxidants etc.

Excess Weight Loss

Studies show that vegans tend to be thinner and have lower body mass. For this reason, many people turn to plant-based diets in hopes of losing weight.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Cutting trans fats and saturated fats out of your diet decreases your risk for heart disease so vegans do have a lower risk for dying from heart disease.

So, if you are considering a vegan diet, visit the sources listed in this article for more information.